Back to normality and this blog after my brief transfer to Nationbuilder. (BTW, I can’t recommend Nationbuilder enough – great functionality for anyone running a campaign.) I was amazed by Emine Saner’s piece in The Guardian. Probably the best piece I’ve read on political families. But I found one pic that I thought captured theContinue reading “And…..relax!”

Why I’m standing for Bold Labour

I’ve spent the last 13 years living in the borough of Greenwich. It’s the place my wife and I chose to live and raise a family, where I get involved in local Labour politics as Vice Chair of Campaigns and became Chair of Governors of a struggling secondary school. It’s a fantastically diverse place toContinue reading “Why I’m standing for Bold Labour”

Digital Tories get an upgrade

So after last night’s blog about Jim Messina joining ‘Yes We Cam 2015’ a couple of tips came in. First, I was told Katharine Segal had been appointed Labour’s Digital Director. Now I hear Messina’s appointment marks the continuation of root and branch overhaul of the Tory digital team. Their Head of Digital Caroline Priest,Continue reading “Digital Tories get an upgrade”

Labour needs to be more social-ist

So the appointment of Blue State Digital as consultants to Labour’s digital task force is a bit of a no brainer. We all looked enviously across the Atlantic at the sheer campaigning power of OFA, wondering when Labour would make the move. It’s taken a long time but the party’s finally changed its status fromContinue reading “Labour needs to be more social-ist”

Why Ken must now keep it real

There’s been a lot of talk about THAT election broadcast for Ken. I must admit when I first saw the ad it seemed clear to me it was quite clearly scripted. But it would have to be. The creative by the ad agency was to get Londoners to spell out Ken’s manifesto and why heContinue reading “Why Ken must now keep it real”

Clause Four thought

VERY early start today. Went to conference centre to see the old man make his debut as Daybreak’s roving reporter at conference. In his two-way with Adrian and Christine he answered about what next for David Miliband. Then after a quick rest it was back in the conference hall to see DM’s speech. Who’d aContinue reading “Clause Four thought”

It’s a marathon not a sprint

I’ve been spending the last few days getting over so-called ‘campaign flu.’ A mild condition of general fatigue and flu-iness that comes after weeks of poor diet, too many cigarettes and being stuck in the back of a Transit van for 5,000 miles. So after Gordon left Downing Street for the last time, and shepherdingContinue reading “It’s a marathon not a sprint”

Is George on Twitter?

The Twittersphere (well, the cliquie Westminster gossipy enclave – v small!) is buzzing this evening. Has George Osborne actually joined Twitter? Someone has allegedly registered @harropfold for the Shadow Chancellor. @harropfold is following someone purporting to be his special advisor, Matt Hancock (@torymatt) and @sarahvine (Mrs Michael Gove) as well as Britain’s two twillionaires, SarahContinue reading “Is George on Twitter?”

Back blogging

Been absolutely rubbish blogging but being a dad, hubby, company director and chair of governors is taking up most of my time. Yeh, break out the violins! Anyway, I thought I’d post about Progress’ call for Primaries to select our candiates. I know our current system isn’t perfect and can be open to alleged abuse,Continue reading “Back blogging”