Learning from defeat

They say you only really learn from your defeats. Last Friday I found out. Seeing your candidate win on the first round of voting only to lose on transfers is bad enough. When it’s your father, it’s a lot worse. We knew it would be tough. The Humberside Police force area was technically a ToryContinue reading “Learning from defeat”

How social media is helping to #filltheseats

Today we’ve heard about the dark side of the Olympics and social media. So let me show you how it can be used in a positive way – and solve problems too. As you may have read before, on Saturday I went to the Olympic Park after managing to get a £10 entrance only ticketContinue reading “How social media is helping to #filltheseats”

When Dizzee met Adonis

Two years ago, two men met at City Hall. Both were known to those in the know but were still waiting for that big breakthrough. The first was Andrew Adonis – a No10 backroom wonk who’d become Schools Minister and was making a name for himself with Academies and renewing the capitals schools with theContinue reading “When Dizzee met Adonis”