The face of public relations has changed forever.

The days of impressing clients with a coverage book full of local newspaper coverage are over. They want campaigns that bring about real change – that change people’s attitudes, change the media agenda and change the political debate.

I’m not a PR man. I’m a campaigner who understands the new media landscape and how best to amplify your message and get your organisation heard.

I  have extenstive experience of devising and implementing successful campaigns for the public and private sector. From Headmasters to Masterfoods.

In my time I have highlighted the success of London State Schools with the London Challenge, supported City Academies, and exposing the growing problem of eating disorders and self-harming amongst young people.

My recent campaigns have included Wage Concern for the shopworkers union Usdaw and Give Up The Bonus against RBS handing out £1b in publicy-funded bonuses

You can contact me here.

Case Study – Give Up The Bonus

The Challenge

I worked pro-bono to devise and implement the ‘Give Up the Bonus’ campaign to stop RBS handing out £1b of public money in bonuses and reduce its former Chief Executive Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension.

We had just over a week to influence RBS not to hand out the full amount ahead of Chief Executive Stephen Hester’s appearance at the Treasury Select Committee.

The Solution

I devised a grassroots online movement to oppose the bonus pay out and Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension.
The Give Up The Bonus campaign sought to bring about change by harnessing the public’s anger and channelling it more effectively.

We set up an online petition that was promoted on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and MSM (mainstream media.) We then communicated with supporters through emails, blog posts, vlogs and virals.
Petitioners comments were then used for print and broadcast interviews.

The Result

  • Our 25,000 signature petition was presented to John McFall, chair of the Treasury Select Committee
  • MSM coverage included The Mirror, The Guardian, The Times, The Observer, GMTV, BBC, ITV News, Sky News
  • Online coverage included Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale and Comment is Free
  • Stephen Hester called to negotiate the issue with the campaigns organisers
  • The bonus payout was eventually reduced from £1b to £175 million
  • Sir Fred Goodwin handed back £4.7 million from his pension

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