Media trainer

We live in a 24-hour rolling news environment that never sleeps.

Where reputations that have taken years to build can be destroyed in minutes. Where camera phones, Twitter and social networks have made every member of the public a potential citizen journalist.

Do you think you’re prepared to deal with the perils of lightning-fast media speed, the online threats from bloggers and journalists desperate for exclusives in a ruthlessly competitive media market?

If you’re not, then let me put you in the hotseat.

I have more than 16 years experience as a journalist on national newspapers and television. He was a senior producer and on-screen reporter at GMTV, became Deputy Editor on BBC Look North to launch a £26 million new regional news service for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire before being seconded to work as Home Duty Editor on the BBC Network News Desk.

I have trained the senior management of Masterfoods, Department for Children, Schools and Families, The National Lottery, Marriage Care, several City Academies, volunteering charity V, the School Food Trust, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and various local authorities including Derry City Council.

My media training courses will give delegates a through understanding of:

• how the media works
• how to deal with their reputational threat
• how to handle a crisis
• how to get your message across

My courses use a combination of theory and practise from an expert trainer in the fields of media and politics. I’ll empower you to take the lead in preparing for the worst, planning for success and getting your message heard, through mainstream and new media and social networks.

In the Hotseat

Full or half-day intensive one-on-one media training course for senior executives to prepare them for radio and TV interviews – pre-records, down-the-lines and live studio discussion.

Delegates are put through bespoke role play scenarios with myself and a professional cameraman. Training can be held in studio environment or at your offices

When Blogs Attack!

Half-day course on how to protect yourself from online reputational attack. Along with New Media Trainer  and political blogger Alex Hilton, we will guide you through an introduction to blogging, Twitter, libel law and how best to use these tools for your advantage.

We’ll also show how you can best engage with blogosphere and build up a network of advocates for your cause.

Crisis What Crisis?

I have a vast experience of issues and crisis management, having advised senior Cabinet Ministers, Chief Executives of FTSE 100 companies and Local Government Heads.

This half-day course will help guide you through a crisis through real-time role play scenarios; from receiving the bad news, to developing the line, drafting the statement and handling the media.

Introduction to the Media

This half-day group course for upto 10 people gives a brief introduction to the changing media landscape. Topics include press release writing, engaging with blogs and preparing for media interviews.


Half-day (inside M25) from £1500 ex VAT. Includes: One Lead trainer, preparation and research time, professional cameraman.

Full-day from £1800 ex VAT. This includes: One Lead trainer, preparation and research time, professional cameraman.

Full-day Overseas from £2400 ex VAT. This includes: One Lead trainer, preparation and research time, professional cameraman.

You can contact me here.

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