Why I’m standing for Bold Labour

I’ve spent the last 13 years living in the borough of Greenwich. It’s the place my wife and I chose to live and raise a family, where I get involved in local Labour politics as Vice Chair of Campaigns and became Chair of Governors of a struggling secondary school. It’s a fantastically diverse place toContinue reading “Why I’m standing for Bold Labour”

Why everyone’s A* at Bluecoat

I spent this morning with people far more intelligent than myself. Year 11 from Blackheath Bluecoat came in dribs and drabs into the school library. Excited and nervous, they signed in and collected their sealed envelopes. What makes these pupils special is that they’d been at school during our most turbulent time. Blackheath Bluecoat hadContinue reading “Why everyone’s A* at Bluecoat”

Do you want rights with that?

  Last Friday I went to my local bar near work. Little did I know when I went, that it would be my last visit. It turned out the owner had decided to sell it on to be turned into a soulless estate agents. Friday was its last night. I wondered why the bar staffContinue reading “Do you want rights with that?”

Digital Tories get an upgrade

So after last night’s blog about Jim Messina joining ‘Yes We Cam 2015’ a couple of tips came in. First, I was told Katharine Segal had been appointed Labour’s Digital Director. Now I hear Messina’s appointment marks the continuation of root and branch overhaul of the Tory digital team. Their Head of Digital Caroline Priest,Continue reading “Digital Tories get an upgrade”

Labour needs some mischief

Forget Gareth Bale possibly signing for Real Madrid. The big transfer news for political geeks is Team Obama’s Jim Messina signing on for the Tory 2015 campaign. It’s a bit like Gerrard playing for Everton. Seemingly unthinkable and wholly illogical. Whilst eyebrows will be raised at Brewer St – and no doubt Dan Hodges willContinue reading “Labour needs some mischief”

Labour needs to be more social-ist

So the appointment of Blue State Digital as consultants to Labour’s digital task force is a bit of a no brainer. We all looked enviously across the Atlantic at the sheer campaigning power of OFA, wondering when Labour would make the move. It’s taken a long time but the party’s finally changed its status fromContinue reading “Labour needs to be more social-ist”

Blog Off – why it matters

First and foremost let me say I backed Leveson and the Royal Charter proposals. The only way regulation was going to work for the press was for it to remain self-regulated. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband all drafted a sensible proposal which in time most papers will end up signing too. They’ll stamp their feet andContinue reading “Blog Off – why it matters”

What went wrong?

The European MD of Blackberry’s makers Research in Motion might be called Stephen Bates but he might as well have been christened Norman for his horrific performances on the BBC today. It was a big day for RIM. The key messages were prepared. This was a new start and Blackberry 10 was being launched inContinue reading “What went wrong?”

Did Harry kill Taliban fighters?

Ever since I watched and read the Harry interviews, one thing has stuck in my mind. Did Harry actually say he killed Taliban insurgents? Harry’s main role as an Apache co-pilot was to provide air support for ground troops and help rescue injured personnel. On his role in Afghanistan, one journalist asked him: “You areContinue reading “Did Harry kill Taliban fighters?”

Did social media kill Shane McEntee?

I’ve been spending Christmas in Ireland with my wife’s Irish family. But for one family here, they spent Christmas Eve burying a father who supposedly died from online trolling. Shane McEntee was an unassuming but generally well liked junior minister in the Irish Government. But his death is being sited as possibly the first caseContinue reading “Did social media kill Shane McEntee?”