The Great Hull Train Robbery

   First impressions count. When I grew up in Hull in the 80s it was always with a profound sense of embarrassment that my hometown was known as Lada City. That was because the first thing you’d see as you stepped out of Paragon Station was a line of Hackney Carriage taxis. But unlike ourContinue reading “The Great Hull Train Robbery”

Eating pizza and raising a pint. How I’ll remember 7/7

Life changed for many after 7/7. For the families of the victims and the injured of Britain’s worst mainland terrorist atrocity, today’s 10th anniversary is a time to reflect and remember. But for the seven million other Londoners, it’s also a day that changed our lives forever. It was the impetus for thousands, myself included,Continue reading “Eating pizza and raising a pint. How I’ll remember 7/7”

Tom or Stella? We need a Drenge-Gedge mash-up!

The University of Nottingham is hardly the Iowa caucuses. But Labour’s leadership and deputy leadership elections are the closest we’ll get to the ‘glamour’ of US politics. I’ll declare now that I’m an Andy Burnham supporter. I’ve known him for several years and believe he’s what Labour needs now. Someone who can pick up aContinue reading “Tom or Stella? We need a Drenge-Gedge mash-up!”

Why Keziah didn’t vote Labour

Dear Liz, Andy, Yvette and Jeremy, It’s exactly one month to the day that I stood in the West Lindsey Leisure Centre to hear my result in the 2015 General Election. Whilst I was hardly expecting a landslide in a safe Tory seat, I had hoped that Labour would make some in roads. The localContinue reading “Why Keziah didn’t vote Labour”

Losers get to write history too

Anyone who’s ever worked in consultancy has their story to tell about ‘difficult’ clients. I remember one time being shouted at down the phone by an irate CEO. I’d managed to get a senior director of his company a slot on Sky News. But he wanted me to physically pull her out from the greenContinue reading “Losers get to write history too”

Bon Voyage Farage?

Say what you like about Ukip, they’re pretty savvy. To you and I, their new posters are xenophobic dog-whistle politics at its worst. But they’re not meant to appeal to me. They’re targeting a C2DE working class northern demographic, who feel alienated by politics. Ukip prey on prejudices and insecurities, framing the EU as theContinue reading “Bon Voyage Farage?”


Back to normality and this blog after my brief transfer to Nationbuilder. (BTW, I can’t recommend Nationbuilder enough – great functionality for anyone running a campaign.) I was amazed by Emine Saner’s piece in The Guardian. Probably the best piece I’ve read on political families. But I found one pic that I thought captured theContinue reading “And…..relax!”

This film frightens me

I live just under three miles away from Woolwich fire station. It’s one of the 10 stations earmarked for closure by Boris Johnson along with axing 580 frontline fire service jobs. If Woolwich closes, the average response time for a fire tender to reach my house in Shooters Hill will increase by 25 seconds fromContinue reading “This film frightens me”