Why today’s rail increase is unfare

​​ So millions of commuters like me today are being forced to pay upto 3.6% more in their train fares. For me, that’s an extra £36 a month.  I can’t get out of paying it. But this Government are allowing Virgin East Coast to walk away from paying £2b to the taxpayer by allowing themContinue reading “Why today’s rail increase is unfare”

Learning from defeat

They say you only really learn from your defeats. Last Friday I found out. Seeing your candidate win on the first round of voting only to lose on transfers is bad enough. When it’s your father, it’s a lot worse. We knew it would be tough. The Humberside Police force area was technically a ToryContinue reading “Learning from defeat”

An indulgence we can ill afford

   So on the day Corbyn’s satisfaction rating overtook Cameron, 60% of people are dissatisfied with Osborne as Chancellor and we start to draw level with the Tories in the polls, up pops John Woodcock rallying Labour MPs against Corbyn. People like Woodcock are deliberately short-selling Labour ahead of crucial elections exactly six weeks today – twoContinue reading “An indulgence we can ill afford”