The gatekeepers to freedom

Yesterday, metres from my office, death drove across the Thames.

Outside our window, bodies and the wounded lay across a bridge I run across every other day.

And a man I have no doubt met but never spoke to laid down his life to ensure we were safe.

The officers on the Carriage Gate entrance to Parliament are not there just to check passes or screen vehicles.

They are defenders of democracy.

They are gatekeepers to freedom.

Yesterday, 30 of us, including Jeremy, huddled in a small room for five hours. 

We offered refuge not just to our own team but to researchers from other parties.

He helped keep the frightened calm and the anxious at ease.

Whilst we may not agree on many issues and approaches, tonight we stand with those whose political opinions are different.

We share the same British values of fairness and tolerance. Only our approaches differ.

But people like PC Palmer allow us each day to make our case and stir the soul of democracy.

Under their watchful eye, we make our case.

And thanks to them, we are not afraid.

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