So I’ve voted…

I have good friends working on both Labour leadership campaigns. 
And I know many of you on here have different views on who to back.
But as I set out previously said on this blog, I never wanted this election. 

Corbyn should have been given more time as leader. 

Nine months was nowhere near enough to prove himself.

And we’ve managed to achieve significant wins – especially on u-turns on cuts to tax credits and forced academisation of our schools.

Saying that, I respect Owen and his many supporters. 

It’s only right that they used their democratic right to put their case. 

And whoever wins, I’ll support the elected leader though they’ll really have to reach out to the other side. We can’t have recriminations and purges.

As I’ve said before, I want to see a much sharper operation in Corbyn’s office and an increased level of professionalism in being a Leader inside and outside the Commons. 

It will mean managing some people out and bringing more experienced people in. 

Suggestions from Corbyn’s team of a Shadow Cabinet part elected by MPs and a willingness to take on staff to work in the Leader’s office who rebel MPs respect are promising.

But I’ve decided. 

Please try and respect my decision, as I will respect yours. 

I really don’t want my comments used by people to make petty personal attacks against either candidate or their backers.

We’re not new Labour or old Labour.

We’re ALL Labour.

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