After Brexit, let’s Fixit

Well, we tried our best but it still wasn’t good enough.

I’ve spent the last six months campaigning for us to stay in the EU, from running market stalls in Newark to touring the East Midlands doing debates and talking to people.

Now our country is divided, our economy is about to go into a severe shock and we could even see the collapse of the EU and Scotland leave the UK.

Cameron granting a referendum was never about staying in Europe. 

It was about remaining in Downing Street by winning over UKIP votes at the last General Election.

But what’s vital now is that we stick together. 

We’re in the driving seat to negotiate a new deal with the EU that will hopefully work in our favour. 

Not as good as what we have, but we must try and get something similar to secure the three million jobs that are linked to our trade in Europe.

But Labour must take the lead on this. It will take two years to engineer our divorce with the EU.

And if a week is a long time in politics, two years is an eternity.

So let’s set the pace in developing a framework that deals with people’s concerns.

I’d like to see an independent Royal Commission drawing from remainers, brexiteers, other parties, unions, businesses, civic society and actively engage the general public.

Let’s try and negotiate a program that can still give us access to the Single European Market.

But let’s also consider a fairer, not completely free, movement of people to allay concerns about uncontrolled migration.

And let’s bring back Labour’s Migration Impact Fund – that was axed by the Tories – to ease pressure on areas where migrants have put pressure on our services.

The EU and its member states will do all they can to keep us on board in some shape or form. The fears of France and Germany following our lead could see us drafting a template for a new Europe that could be replicated elsewhere.

Labour should be setting the debate and calling for a new deal and concessions that aren’t written on the back of a fag packet by Cameron but drafted by and for the people.

Let’s move on from Brexit and go on to Fixit! 

So don’t be downhearted this morning.

We’ve faced dark times before.

But it’s up to us to rise to the challenge and make a new EU relationship work for us.

I’m proud I fought to keep us in the EU.

And although the public said leave, I still remain a proud European. 

Nothing will change that.

And hey, look on the bright side. 

At least Farage is out of a job!

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