An indulgence we can ill afford


So on the day Corbyn’s satisfaction rating overtook Cameron, 60% of people are dissatisfied with Osborne as Chancellor and we start to draw level with the Tories in the polls, up pops John Woodcock rallying Labour MPs against Corbyn.

People like Woodcock are deliberately short-selling Labour ahead of crucial elections exactly six weeks today – two by-elections, elections in England, Wales, Scotland, London Mayoral and Assembly and for Police and Crime Commissioners.

And then there’s the little matter of the European Referendum in June. I’ve been helping to man our market stall in Newark because Labour has a crucial role to play in helping decide the result.

It’s clear these Bitterites deliberately want to drive Labour down in the polls and public support in a vain attempt to oust Corbyn.

Tonight candidates are texting and DMing me to say how much they fear Woodcock’s actions will harm their elections.

These aren’t hardcore Corbynistas. They’re people some would describe as ‘moderates.’

Woodcock says in his article: “We can’t go on like this.” And on that point I agree.

Because these tactics won’t work. It makes us look divisive in the eyes of the public and good candidates – who really want Labour to do well in May – see their electoral chances sabotaged.

Not by Corbyn. 

But by the reckless indulgence of people like Woodcock.

This is an indulgence we can ill afford.

12 thoughts on “An indulgence we can ill afford

  1. well put David, I’m sick of sniping & back-biting & briefing, we cannot air our dirty laundry in public or it will cost us electorally. Woodcock is either naive or being deliberately divisive, either way we cannot continue with this infighting, we are wasting our time & energy, the Tories are the enemy.

  2. You are spot on. I have taken to tweeting Woodcock. More people should do the same. Not abusive. Just honest. He should do the honorable thing, resign the Labour whip, cross the house and then stand for whichever party he joins and see if he gets elected. He is a very angry man.

  3. Well said. Woodcock is behaving disgracefully and now has no choice but to leave labour and join whatever party he feels more represents his views. Corbyn is not perfect but he is the elected leader and is doing well. The membership overwhelmingly support him.

  4. All the good work ordinary Labour members are putting in up and down the country. John Woodcock intent on sabotaging it. What can his agenda possibly be?

  5. John Woodcock is my local MP – he is intent on Labour losing at local elections and at the next general election. He is like the kid that would rather pop the ball than let others use it. He also has inherited a safe Labour seat and turned it into a marginal – plus has the lowest percentage of voters voting for him in Barrow history. I for one am finding him increasingly embarrassing and think he needs to think about what he is doing.

  6. It wasn’t Corbyn who lost 168 MPs in three elections, nor did he lose Scotland, nor was it he who has lost the confidence of the UK electorate, that was John Woodcock and his group, It amazes me that these incompetents expect to just take over the reins again after years of wrecking this Party, It was time for change and Jeremy has more chance to win than the already proved failure that is Woodcock

  7. Thanks for voicing the frustration lots of labour supporters are feeling. I’d like to know what Woodcock’s constituency party are thinking about the man’s negative interventions

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