Digital Tories get an upgrade

So after last night’s blog about Jim Messina joining ‘Yes We Cam 2015’ a couple of tips came in.

First, I was told Katharine Segal had been appointed Labour’s Digital Director.

Now I hear Messina’s appointment marks the continuation of root and branch overhaul of the Tory digital team.

Their Head of Digital Caroline Priest, recruited last year from her post as Head of Marketing at the ENO, has moved on and the existing team redeployed.

The Tories quietly sidelined the old digital team and expensively upgraded.

I hear Caroline, who also worked at the Tate, was briefly head of digital but there were two snags.

She didn’t get Tory politics or their take on digital campaigning.

Messina clearly did.

It’ll be interesting to see if Messina tries creating content like this for Cameron, an attack ad on a Republican politician in Montana which was widely seen as being anti-gay.

Check out the porn music and Boogie Nights music!


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