Sun says ‘Gotcha’ Harry!


So in the end the blue bloods have beaten the red tops.

No British newspaper has decided to run those Harry snaps from his Las Vegas session of strip billiards (now surely a strong contender as an exhibition sport at Rio 2016?)

The threat of the mother of all Leveson rebukes and a ‘polite’ request from Clarence House not to publish them has worked a treat. That and the fact the Palace also wrote to the Press Complaints Commission expressing its concerns.

But all credit to The Sun for getting the front page they wanted – with a little imagination.

They’ve mocked the photos using the Sun’s Assistant Picture Editor Harry Miller.

So they push the envelope by showing you A picture not THE picture, avoid the wrath of Clarence House and Leveson AND get masses of broadcast publicity this morning as well as outstanding shelf stand out at the newsagents.

But oh to have been in that editorial meeting as Editor Dominic Mahon (a Mirror Group contemporary of mine) made his indecent proposal to poor Harry Miller.

“Harry. The good news is you’ve got the splash.

“The bad news is…get your kit off!”


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