Britain’s on one big come down this morning.

Deprived of that instant fix of gold, hope and noble defeats, the Olympics became the ultimate reality show. How Cowell must wish he could win that IOC contract.

Wall-to-wall coverage on TV, radio and print.  back stories made the front pages. The joy of discovering that we’re quite good at unsupported and relatively unknown sports!

The Olympics was the ultimater leveller. Each sport was alleviated to greatness as they all shared the same currency – sweat, tears and gold.

Add to this, the fact it was the first social games. Usain Bolt broke the world record for the number of tweets – 80,000 tweets per minute or 1,400 per second.

We shared joy. We shared failure. We shared life.

And now – nothing!

I thought I’d try to keep the conversation going this morning.

So I and others started using the hashtag #nolympics:

I wasn’t alone.

At the time of writing this blog, it’s still the top unpromoted Twitter trend in the UK

So whilst we we’re all dealing with the emptiness that #nolympics brings, at least social is helping us deal with a collective emotional hangover.

This morning Twitter is like going to your friends house for breakfast after the mother of all parties.

Who wants an egg sandwich?


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