Since I wrote my blog on my experiences of ticketing at the Olympic Park last Saturday, I’ve been inundated with requests for advice.

But I really wish I can help this lady who has flown more than 3,000 miles from London, Ontario to London, England just to see her 11 year-old daughter dance in the Olympic Park.

Here’s her message to me that she left in the comments of my blog.

Hello there!

I am not sure if anyone will read my story, but I have just stumbled across this great blog!!

I am here from London Ontario in Canada, as my 11 year old daughter is here dancing at Olympic park on Friday. (I guess it is Friday now, so it will be in a few hours).

We are so excited but have not been able to get a ticket to go in andq watch.

My heart is broken that we have come all thisq way and will not see her dance.

I have met so many kind British people ( and other nationalities too). There is no other day that she will dance.

Her dance is 19 minutes long around 2pm and that’s it.

No matter what happens, I am still very happy and proud that she is here, but if any of you lovely people know how I can get a park ticket or know of someone that is unable to use theirs, I would be forever grateful and you would have a Canadian friend for life.

Thanks for your time.


Surely a sponsor, Locog or a kind hearted person can help?

She just needs an Olympic Park ticket for today to see her daughter perform at 2pm.

Please RT to as many people as possible, target sponsors and if you have a ticket please email me at david.prescott@commucan.com


One comment

  1. toylady94

    hi there…as you know by now, I did not get your phone message or any e-mails until we arrived home last night….what emotions I felt as I listened to your messages, as we were not able to watch our sweet daughter dance…..I want to thank you and your readers so much for trying to help us…how I wish I knew there was a friend waiting for us at Starbucks…..our trip was wonderful, though and truly enjoyed the beauty of your country….please always appreciate what wonderful history, beauty and character your country has…I will continue to enjoy your writing and if you ever venture your way “across the pond”, to my London, and ever need anything, I will do whatever I can to help…thank you again, Alicia

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