Coe has a Hull of a problem with empty seats


 (“Give me an S! Give me an E!………..”)

So it’s  been revealed by Locog that nearly a quarter of a million seats have remained empty since the games began on Friday.

That would seat a city the size of Hull (250,000) or the nearby Olympic borough of Hackney  (220,000).

According to Locog figures, more than one in 10 seats sold have been left empty. On Saturday – the day I went – 67,000 tickets were wasted.

That’s hardly being “stuffed to gunwales.”

Reducing the size of the accredited areas is fine but the NOCs are only giving back about 3,800 tickets a day.

That’s less than 7% of the daily empty seats total!

But in spite of today’s grim figures, Locog still refuses to move to my proposal to recycle the tickets if the seat hasn’t been claimed after 30 minutes of the start of the session. (If they turn up after, the later ticket holder can be fast tracked to get a recycled ticket for the event.)

Locogo should also better promote the recycling, lay on more staff to facilitiate printing and administering the new tickets and also give more access to the Olympics Park by releasing 100 Park access only tickets on a first come first served basis every morning.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt should really step in now and insist that the 30 minute use-it-or-lose it plan – which he supports – is implemented as soon as possible.

The authorities have done a great job so far, especially on managing transport problems.

But the Government should really step in now and put pressure on Locog to follow my #fillthseats plan and recycle as many as possible, lest we become a laughing stock.

If they don’t sort out the tickets situation – and fast – the danger is London 2012 will be remembered more for its inaction over empty seats then for the action in the competitions.


One comment

  1. Terry

    I totally agree. I have spent countless hours on the website trying to order tickets that it says are available only to be told no they are not. It is frustrating to watch an event on TV that is half empty when I tried to order tickets. Something has to change before we become the laughing stock. I think fingers will point after the games. When it is too late.

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