A Blurry Shade of Pale?

I always had a soft spot for Blur. When I was 22 I was hack on a press agency in East Yorkskshire and North Lincolnshire, selling stories to national newspapers.

My abiding memory was securing a photo of the couple who’d just been signed up by the News of the World after giving birth to sextuplets. I’d found it from a man in pub close to their home in Grimsby.

I also discovered from that man in the pub that the couple – who’d been on several rounds of IVF – already had a son and the father drank a certain brand of lager! (Which led to the Sun splashing with the headline “Superdad drinks Caring Black Label!”)

It scuppered the £100,000 News of the World deal as people questioned why the couple had access to costly IVF if they already had children. I always felt guilty about this and the editor was NOT happy. I wonder whatever happened to Rebekah Wade?

But as I drove back to Hull in the pelting rain in my trusty Austin Allegro Van Den Plas (leather seats and walnut picnic tables in the back) with the exclusive picture which made the agency thousands, I played at full volume Blur’s ground-breaking ‘Modern Life is Rubbish.’

Nearly 20 years later, Blur have released their new single Under the Westway, which is probably the best thing they’ve done since ‘This is a Low.’

But I can’t help thinking it sounds VERY similar to Procul Harem’s Whiter Shade of People. Definately something in the chord progression.

Have a listen and let me know.

Either way, it’s brilliant and it’s good to have them back.

And yes. I still miss that Austin Allegro.


One comment

  1. Martin

    Its the same cord as Whiter Shade of Pale?… i dont lick it when artist belatedly copy songs tweak a tiny tiny bit and go ‘hey hey thats all me…. All together Now by The Farm was just Pachelbel Canon with a few lyrics…

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