Olympic Training

For the last few months I’ve been working with a client to raise awareness of the real threats to businesses from the Olympics.

I won’t go into them all – you can find out more here – but basically it’s all about London Bridge.

It will be THE travel hotspot for the Games as it’s the main interchange for a lot of train and tube routes to Olympic venues. TfL hope to reduce footfall by 60% during the Olympics.

But that’s going to be difficult as my clients’s survey revealed only 11% of firms surrounding London Bridge are considering letting their staff work from home.

Take a look at the stats.

So I had geekish delight to discover I walked into an Olympic rehearsal at the station tonight.

Here’s what you can expect.

If you come off the tube you will be forced to turn left, walk up to the bridge and then turn left onto Station Approach.


Once here, you’ll walk along with barriers and stewards stopping you taking a short cut back into the station. This is obviously to manage the potential queues and stop you hitting the passengers coming out of the Tooley St entrance – which will be exit only on some days.


So after winding around the front of the station, admiring the Shard to your right, you’ll head back into the station. But not straight through the barriers and off to Platforms 1-8. Instead it’s another long walk down the station platform until you get to the steps that lead to the bridge.


THIS is where you experience the potential problem of oncoming passengers.


I assume this will be resolved by forcing them out of the Tooley St exit only entrance.

So on balance it worked well. They even thanked me for being an unsuspecting guinea pig!


But if you use London Bridge, I can’t stress this enough. Plan your alternative route now! A lot of people will try and blog it but you will face hour long queues unless you prepare.

So please go to getaheadofthegames.com


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