Tablet Journalism

I’ve just realised it’s been nearly half a year since I blogged here which by all accounts, is a bit tardy.

But this Easter I’ve been amazed by the amount of comments I’ve received for an article I wrote for the Tablet.

For those not aware, it’s an international catholic publication, mainly sold at churches. I was asked to write a 1,000 words on why, at the age of 34, I decided to be baptised for the first time ahead of my wedding.

As I say in the article, the choice to choose my religion was left up to me by my parents.

And as I only wanted my fiancee to be present at my christening at the age of 34, I have the rather bizarre anomaly of my wife also being my godmother!

I was in two minds to talk about my faith as I’m not a happy clappy evangelical and I don’t want to push it down people’s throats. I have my faith and it makes my happy.

Anyway, if you’d like to read the piece, it’s available in all good catholic churches or you can log on here to read it.

Happy Easter


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