Raise your game adland!

Thought the Old Spice viral ad was cool?  The attention to detail,  the personalised replies to tweets, the YouTube hits? 20 million since February.

Well Tippex are half way there on hits – 10 million since the end of August with their Shoot The Bear ad.

Why? The call and response is very short – just type in how you want it to end – it’s very funny and the execution is superb. That of the ad of course, not the bear.

But I don’t want to give it away so take a look for yourself. It’s a real game changer.

It was made by French agency Buzzman whose credo, purloined from Bob Thacker, senior VP-marketing and advertising at OfficeMax, is pretty damn cool.

“The secret is respecting the consumer. You are interrupting their life. All advertising is unwanted, so if you’re going to crash the party, bring some champagne with you.”

Hattip to my old Geronimo colleague Ed Callow who’s got a great blog in The Buzzplan


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