Strange Ways here we come!

Just a few minutes from Manchester and the most exciting conference in 16 years.

It’ll be my 25th conference (he started me young!) but I’ll always have a soft spot for MCR.

Yes, Blackpool has a faded charm and is on the way back up with the redevelopment of the beach front – they should have got that casino.

But Manchester Conference Centre is a brilliant venue. It’s also where I saw Tony Wilson’s Tenth Summer of Punk in 1986.

In one day at the GMEX, as it was then, I saw A Certain Ratio, The Fall, ex Velvet Undergrounder John Cale, Pete Shelly and Howard Devoto from the Buzzcocks.

But it’s the headliners which have resonance with today’s announcement in the same venue.

The first was New Order – well, whoever we choose today will represent that. A clean break with the old and the chance for a political rebirth.

The second was The Smiths, who came onto The Queen is Dead (insert your own joke here. They were a band that did well but ultimately split up amidst immense acrimony.

I hope today we’ll take our lead from the former not the latter!

Anyway, whichever Miliband gets it, I hope he has a chance to read my debut blog for Sion Simon’s excellent LabourUncut.

Labour’s a big job to do in getting its communications in order and hopefully I’ve given them a few ideas.


One comment

  1. northernheckler

    Errm, but New Order, although they had a devoted cult following, never really broke out of being an underground outfit, and could be considered by many mainstream observers to have been a one hit wonder.

    The Smiths on the other hand have seen their music achieve mainstream acceptance, and an almost fanatical following. Morrissey, and to a lesser degree Johnny Marr being amongst the two most influential artists on present day indie music.

    I hope they take after The Smiths. I don’t want a Blue Monday after this weekend.

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