Wasted opportunity

So that was the first televised Labour Leadership hustings?

Admittedly I didn’t expect neon crosses to be suspended above each candidate on Newsnight (though we did have the thinking women’s Cowell in Paxman) but surely it could have been a lot better than that.

A smattering of questions from a selected studio audience and Crick topping and tailing the debate by blogging throughout then giving his verdict at the end.

What was the audience’s take? Where was the ‘worm?’ Was anyone watching?

The first televised debate was badly produced, poorly-promoted (I only discovered it tonight by chance) and a wasted opportunity. The only interesting aspect was seeing Andy Burnham actually trending on Twitter – and me being retweeted by MumsnetTowers (come to think about, it would have been far more relevant to put a leadership debate on there.)

Hopefully the C4 debate and the special Question Time will give a better opportunity to reach and engage the public but you can’t help thinking that tonight’s Newsnight was the Westminster village talking to itself – and no-one was listening.

Anyone got a Vuvuzela?


One comment

  1. Leon

    Yep, I only knew it was on because I happened to see a friend’s Facebook status two minutes in…interesting debate in places but too fragmented, never really got going it seemed…

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