Power 2010: Ever get the feeling you’ve been ConDem’d

So  John got made a Lord.  Cue all the end of the peer gags and puns – I’m sure Hislop will show no mercy when John guest hosts HIGNFY next week.

Interesting that the quote all the papers are using (“I don’t want to be a member of the House of Lords. I will not accept it”) is completely false,  made up by a Daily Mail diarist. John never said it

Anyway, one of the most vocal critics against him taking a seat in the House of Lords has been Pam Giddy (pictured) of Power 2010 – the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust-funded campaign for electoral reform.

As well as organising a rather crap stunt in Hull where they had to bus in anti-Prescott protesters, writing a quite nasty and personal attack on John based on an unsourced article in a Sunday newspaper, Pam wrote breathlessly about the Lib Dems being the only party committed to electoral reform.

“Liberal Democrats deserve credit and recognition here for their historic commitment to reform. In their manifesto, the party sets out its commitment to the Single Transferable Vote, a system which would offer real choice, allowing voters to choose between candidates as well as parties, and end the shameful institution of safe seats, which are no better than the rotten boroughs of the 18th century. Their commitment, often dismissed as simply self-serving, is right for British democracy and wanted by the British people.”

Self serving Liberals? Never. Shame that ‘historic commitment to reform’ couldn’t resist the lure of the limousine and the call of the cabinet. In spite of a true commitment from Labour to AV – even without a referendum – the Lib Dems jumped into coalition with the Tories and signed a programme for government that will:

a) Reduce the number of MPs and pack the Lords with unelected peers

b) Put  55% lock in dissolving parliament and – leaving the best to last –

c) a referendum on AV that Cameron won’t give a date for and won’t even vote in favour of!

Surely Power 2010 would be furious about this?

Indeed they are! They formed the Take Back Parliament Coalition and stated on the Power 2010 website:

“Our coalition government has promised us democratic reform, yet they’re expanding the House of Lords. Call them on their hypocrisy – tell the party leaders there can be no more new Lords. Message the party leaders today! 

Perhaps Pam could actually take it up with her fellow directors on the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

Half of them are Lib Dems and one of them, Danny Alexander is now a Cabinet Minister who drew up the  very programme Power2010 is now so vehemently against.

If you’d like to call Pam on HER hypocrisy, message her today at pam@power2010.org.uk



  1. Dave

    John’s acceptance of the peerage is one of the most blatant examples of barefaced hypocrisy in modern political history. The phrase ‘class traitor’ doesn’t begin to cover it. He wants to hang his head in shame, he’s not welcome back in East Hull.

  2. davidprescott

    Hi Dave.

    “John’s acceptance of the peerage is one of the most blatant examples of barefaced hypocrisy in modern political history”

    How’s that so? He’s never said he’d refuse to go in. And what with Labour in opposition, a ConDem coalition intent on savage cuts that could put the recovery at risk and the upcoming Climate Change conference in Cancun, there’s still a lot more he wants to do.

    “The phrase ‘class traitor’ doesn’t begin to cover it.”

    Oh grow up Dave. He’s a brilliant example of social mobility – from merchant seamen to a peer of the realm.

    “He wants to hang his head in shame, he’s not welcome back in East Hull.”

    You setting up a road block, are you? Look at Preston Road Estate, look at the improved health facilities and the new schools built and on the way. All delivered by the Government he and Tony led. He’ll be welcome in East Hull for many years to come.

  3. Mr S Qaid

    John Prescott hold your head up high the ConDem party have run a very biased attack on everything that is Labour with the help of Pam Giddy and the right wing media,
    You have been chosen by your Party to represent them in the House of Lords and we are all proud of you the things that you have contributed to your country has been fantastic .

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