STOP! Hoon time

Just been listening to the car crash that was Geoff Hoon’s interview with Jim Naughtie on Today. You can listen to it here.

The first and main criteria for deciding to go public after your reputation’s been damaged is simple – will it ultimately help me? It gave him the chance to do his mea culpa but ultimtately sounded like he was sorry he was caught. “It was a private conversation.” Hmm..

Two things should have told him to stay away from Today.

Firstly, he was caught on camera, completely banged to rights. He might have got away with it if the expose was soley in print. But that footage is pretty damning.

Secondly, it’s just too soon after being exposed. He needed more time for reflection. This was less than five days after the Dispatches programme aired. It smacked of desperation. And worse still, he really didn ‘t seem prepared. It actually sounded like a George Parr interview!

But there are a few silver linings.

Hoon or one of the other three Labour MPs were going to go public at some time and at least he’s lanced the boil for the party before the short campaign.

Also the whip was taken away from the three straight after Dispatches, something Cameron, in spite of all his bluster,  still hasn’t done to Sir John Butterfill.

And finally, I’m sure Hoon’s masochistic two-way will make Byers, Hewitt and Moran think twice about doing the same.


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