Things can only get Twitter

We had out best tweetup yet on our election warm-up Prescott Express Tour.

First we presented to party activists in a training event/rally on social media and how Labour has really started closed the gap on the Tories.

Everyone’s been loving the presentation and the various posters and virals we’re highlighting as best practise. Also great to see so many older activists ‘get it’ – the  fact it’s traditonal campaigning in a modern setting. 

What really brings the house down is the video we did to rebut the Tories claims to being progressive.

Labour North West is really making the most from social media, epecially on Twitter with Grace Fletcher Hackwood (tweeting as @msgracefh) and Kev Peel.

Their idea to bring people from across the country to campaign together using Labour’s virtual phone bank but communicate with the Twitter hashtag #mobmonday is a real grassroots success. No edict from HQ. Just an excellent idea dreampt up by a couple of supporters.

In the last few weeks, they’ve made more than 3,000 voter ID calls to several marginal constituencies!

I was interviewed by the Politics Show about how I think this will be the first content election, where it’ll be the son, daughter, friend and colleague ‘wot won it’ by passing on clips, lines and posters. As I’ve said before, I serously think the party would do a lot better just crowd-sourcing our ad campaigns and buying some digital boards to publish the best.

Then after the tweet-up it was back on the battle bus to campaign in Burnage with the excellent Lucy Powell. Because alhough social media is a great channel, it doesn’t replace knocking on doors and leafleting.

Here’s how it went. Apologies to Stallone.


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