On the move…mostly!

Apologies for my lack of blogging. Work, home and outside commitments have taken up a lot of more time than I’d expected.

In fact all seemed to be linked with moving.

We’ve just agreed to move the school where I’m Chair of Governors from Blackheath to the Greenwich Peninsular thanks to an unexpected offer from the council under the Building Schools for the Future programme. Our decision was conditional on the gas holder being removed or finding a similar place nearby.

But the chance to move to a state of the art £32 million building close to the 02 and in the heart of the Greenwich Millennium Village was one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you’ve got to grasp. Here’s the Greenwich Mercury’s take on it.

I’m also finshing off the grid to get the Prescott Express back on the road again for the General Election. We’ve already been up North for Labour’s Yorkshire and Humber conference and also managed to fit in a street stall in Headingley for Leeds NW Judith Blake as well as a tweetup with supporters (see a litle clip above.)

We learnt a lot from our Euro Election Battle Bus campaign last Spring, keeping costs low, spirits high and packing as many stops in as possible. We managed 14 stops (Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington etc…..) and photo calls in just four days  – a tour completely funded by small donations to the Go Fourth website. Fancy a book?

But one move we really wanted to happen…isn’t. At the eleventh hour, our buyer pulled out of purchasing our house.

I should have known not to agree a deal with someone who works in the banking industry. Perhaps it’s Karma for organising Give Up The Bonus against RBS!

Anyway, at least we’re all happy and healthy.

And Ava Grace is almost nine months now and is rapidly becoming a right little character.

But if you know anyone who’d like to move to a lovely two bed cottage in Greenwich, please let me know!


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