Is George on Twitter?

The Twittersphere (well, the cliquie Westminster gossipy enclave – v small!) is buzzing this evening.

Has George Osborne actually joined Twitter?

Someone has allegedly registered @harropfold for the Shadow Chancellor.

@harropfold is following someone purporting to be his special advisor, Matt Hancock (@torymatt) and @sarahvine (Mrs Michael Gove) as well as Britain’s two twillionaires, Sarah Brown and Stephen Fry.

If true, the Tories seem to be quietly ignoring Dave’s aversion to Twitter and aquiring their own domains. There 13 tweeting Tory MPs are outnumbered by Labour members on Twitter by about 4 to 1.

I think they’ve finally cottoned on to what we’ve known to be one of the best aspects of Twitter – breaking news feed.

It’s ideal for quick soundbites and in the white heat of the first social media general election you’re going to need to rebutt a hell of a lot faster than any other previous electoral battle.

Journalists have recently sussed this out – @paulwaugh @benedictbrogan @kevin_maguire and @davidwooding are tweeting their papers lines and monitoring the feeds for leads.

It seems ‘George’ has heeded our advice not to use MP in his twitter name (he won’t have problems with Twurdah!)

But why @harropfold? Apparently it’s the name of his Cheshire farm in Tatton.

And let’s face it, it’s a lot better than @corfuyacht.

Or maybe he’s leaving that for Peter!


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