Laura’s the REAL Downing Treat


She stepped into the big man’s shoes and has actually had a great week in charge.

I don’t mean Harriet (word of advice – when you’re in a hole, stop digging!)

No,  I’m talking about BBC pol corr Laura Kuenssberg standing in for the Beeb’s Political Editor Nick Robinson who’s off on his hols (Corfu?)

Just like Harman, she occupied the boss’s office (on screen and on his blog) and has impressed many with her friendly charm, political nouse and nose for a story.

Italian-born Laura started the week with the fallout from Harriet’s Sunday Times interview and developed all week before finishing with the scoop on the Harman-Mandeslon handover ‘arrangement’ that seemed to catch out No 10, getting it out on Nick’s blog before the rest of the pack.

With Nick trying to do a ‘Marr’ and make the move from hack to presenter (and doing a pretty good job with his week hosting Newsnight) the smart money is on Laura becoming the BBC News’s first female Political Editor.

I predict Nick will do one last General Election and stand down for Laura.

No doubt a process a certain deputy leader would love to see repeated!


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