Shurely shome moushtake

Bar his initial reaction on Hackgate (the spokesperson who said he was “very relaxed” should have really thought how that would play out) David Cameron has played a bit of a blinder on the PR front.

He’s successfully repositioned his party to the centre, detoxified the Tory brand and established a solid 14 point plus lead in the polls.

And a new PR Week survey of senior political hacks is praising his media handling and comms surefootedness.

But could it be that he’s about to throw it all away?

I’ve just watched Cameron being interviewed by Jon Snow on Channel 4 News.

I’d normally judge it to be an assured performance from a man increasingly looking like the next PM.

But I wasn’t listening to a word he was saying. Why? Because I was transfixed by his face.

Is it me or is he trying to grow a moustache?

Take a look.



Of course this doesn’t bode well. In recent years, like bald headed leaders, men with moustaches seldom get to No 10.

The last one who comes to mind is Harold Macmillan in 1963 – 46 years ago.

Even Peter M saw the error of his ways and shaved off the soup strainer as he red rose through the Labour Party ranks (ok, couple of setbacks after he shaved it off but he kept coming back. Fighter not a quitter and all that.)

Before - Prince of Darkness

Before - Prince of Darkness

After - First Sec of State (shame he kept the jumper!)

After - First Sec of State (shame he kept the jumper!)

I’m sure it was just a trick of the light, just perspiration on his top lip.

But if it’s true, the political ramifications are enormous. Although we think we look cool, women HATE moustaches, goatees and beards, with nine out of ten saying they prefer a clean shaven man.

This would blow a massive hole in Ashcroft’s key seat strategy. Forget Jennifer’s Ear, Dave’s Moustache could be the Tory’s downfall.

Was Hilton heard? Was Coulson consulted? So many questions!

Or could it just be Dave’s starting Movember REALLY, REALLY early.



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