Show some love Murray

There’s a tale of two pages in tonight’s Evening Standard.

On the front page, Murray Mania is taken to the next level. The first late night match at Wimbledon, watched by a record audience 11 million people in the UK and a two day queue for tickets to the quarter final.

But on the back page, Murray moans that he was told too late about having to play under that roof.

This is a guy who’s retained Beckham’s people – the ubiquitous 19 Entertainment – to build him into a global sporting brand.

I’m sure Simon Fuller and Murray’s sponsors Highland Spring, Fred Perry and RBS (definitely RBS) wet themselves at the prospect of their man being seen by a primetime BBC1 audience. Think about it- Eastenders and the Ten O Clock were moved to BBC2 for Murray’s five set thriller.

It’s not the first time he’s let his mouth run. His comments about supporting any team playing against England in the World Cup didn’t endear himself to English footie supporters.

So if Murray truly wants to be successful, he’d be well advised to hold his tongue as well as his serve.


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