Nappy rush


When you’re a new dad, you pick up on certain aspects of life that you failed to notice before.

Cobbled streets are terrible for prams, everyone drives too fast down side streets and going out for a pint doesn’t hold the same appeal as it did.

Well I’ve now discovered something else.

There seems to be a rush (or should that be a rash) on newborn nappies at local supermarkets. For those who don’t have kids, nappies come in various sizes. From Premature (less than 6lbs) right upto Six 6 (35lbs+)

But for love nor money, I can’t seem to find Newborn nappies (4-11lbs.) Every other range is well stocked but finding these Size 1 nappies is proving to be nigh impossible – both my local Sainsburys and Tescos we’re all out, as were Boots.

We”re already experiencing the highest number of births in England and Wales for 36 years.

Which made me count back nine months. It must have been the August Bank Holiday period.

Come to think of it, there were more people than usual in our local NCT ante natal group and there was a shortage of beds in the maternity unit when Ava Grace was born.

So what was so special about that Bank Holiday?

Maybe it was because there was nothing on TV, maybe the weather wasn’t that great, or maybe, just maybe, couples were tightening their belts and staying home because we were on the brink of the recession.

So Ava Grace won’t be so much a baby boomer as a baby buster!



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