Plotmail takes off!


Glad to see my plea to rebrand the Hotmail Conspiracy as Plotmail is reaping results.

Both Allegra Stratton and Andrew Sparrow at the Guardian have referred to it in their pieces. Well, it’s a lot better than the Mail’s Cyber Coup.

I think Purnell’s resignation has actually cemented GB in to Downing Street. From the people I’ve been speaking to – and some aren’t Gordon’s biggest fans by a long way – there’s a real anger that Purnell chose  to resign whilst party workers were doing all they could to get out the vote last night.

David Milliband obviously recognised this by coming out to denounce his friend as have most of the Cabinet.

So with no other Blairites rallying (yet) to Purnell’s call, party leadership election rules that make it nigh impossible to remove a sitting PM,  real grassroots anger with the former Work and Pensions Secretary and Hazel Blears and a swift reshuffle, this is going to fizzle out.

It also seems the rebels are now saying the email might not get sent round at all because of the reshuffle.

But let’s just hope this is a wake up call for Ministers to get out of Westminster, get around the country and start explaining what Labour’s doing to help people in these difficult times.

I’d also advise them to resist the temptation to get photoshopped into photocalls.

The Guardian’s subsequent tribute was brilliant (see apt example above and click here to see the best of the rest.)



  1. Margaret Pickering

    I can’t say I fully follow the non sequitur logic of this blog, nor the point (s) it is trying to make. I take it you are related to John Prescott, you seem to share the same strange way of expressing yourself! There is probably interlectual substance to your arguments, but these thoughts appear to hit the page quite randomly.

    I specialise in coaching people how to communicate more effectively (if you remember to use grammatically ‘layering’ you won’t go far wrong). I can tell you more if you want to get in touch.

    However, the cartoon is great.

    Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter. Surely you’d have more fun looking after her than getting embroiled in this dirty process called politics.

    Best wishes, Margaret.

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