Didn’t get too much sleep last night on nappy watch. So I spent time watching Sky and the previous days events.

I must say I’ve found the so called Blearista (love it) plot very amusing.

Allegra Stratton has done a great background job in the Guardian on the rebels ‘Hotmail Conspiracy’ (Can we call it Plotmail, please?)

We’ll have to see if they get the required 7o odd names – though expecting technophobe MPs to send an email RSVP to a putsch without knowing who has already accepted might be a tad optimistic.

But what we do know for sure is yet again our Hazel got coverage for all the wrong reasons.

That You Tube Observer piece was too clever by half – who talks about meta-narratives? Ok, GB’s clip wasn’t presentationally great but it was obvious Blears article would be interpreted as a major move against him. The desparate rowback by her people on Saturday night didn’t work either.

Then after her CGT non-payment and serial flipping, Hazel’s photocall brandishing a cheque looked like a really bad Injury Lawyers 4 U ad.

But the brooch was the clincher.

Quite clearly sold in by her people beforehand and crews co-ordinated to follow her return to Salford, her departure seemed so contrived and false.

Hazel will now lose her SPAD Paul Richards (author of Be Your Own Spin Doctor) but curiously, this could be the start of her rehabilitation.

Because if, as she says, Hazel really wants to reconnect with the voters she’s better being honest, authentic and most importantly, unspun.

But don’t feel too sorry for her jobless SPAD because by a remarkable coincidence, according to this week’s PR Week ”public affairs agencies are keeping tabs on the movements of Hazel Blears’ well-regarded special adviser Paul Richards.”

How’s that for timing.


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