The Apple of My Eye and the Ire of my Apple

We’ve been told by the midwife that olive oil is far better for newborns than baby oil.

Popped out at half six on my errands this morning and bought some extra virgin olive oil only to be told by a friend on Facebook that I must be being hit by the credit crunch.

He told me that Grape Oil is much better and only 50p more. That’s me told!

Anyway, I’ve just popped into the Apple Store to get Roz’s iPhone repaired. Beyond hope I’m afraid. What is it with Apple and inbuilt obsoletism? I only bought it over a year ago for Roz but the battery can’t recharge anymore.

So it’ll cost me an extra £50 to get it replaced. Word is there’s a new iPhone out in the next few weeks so we might as well hold out for that. The leaked pics look good.

Back home to take my two ladies out for a walk in the sun.

Life doesn’t get better.


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