She’s alive!

Didn’t get away from the hospital until just after midnight. I cannot believe that Ava Grace has become a breast-sucking, nappy-pooping, sporadically-puking machine.

Am told this is good but its taking a lot out of Roz. Luckily, I’ve changed most of the nappies. Ten yesterday – a record so far.

Hopefully my new famile will be out tomorrow. Big(ger) Daddy is going to have to lose some of his love panelling though. I’ve piled on a stone during the pregnancy and am currently weighing in at 13 stone 9lbs!

Anyway, nest is prepared for tomorrow. Can’t wait and hopefully I’ll be able to help Roz get some much needed sleep.

BTW, here’s Ava Grace in a little Ted Baker number bought by my sister-in-law.

Too cute.



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