Minns: ‘Let them eat crisps!’

So the council tax rise in Hull is only going to cost each household the price of a packet of crisps a week.

But these aren’t ordinary crisps.

These are Walker’s Sensations sweet chilli crisps!

Not so sure that’s the right analogy in countering our image as a ‘fat city’ but I hear they’re very popular in the Avenues!

The Lib Dems Budget, they claim, will only cost each household 50p a week for council services – a 3.8% percent rise.

Sadly, this is being subsidised by hard working families. Healthy school meals – universally free under Labour but scrapped by Minns – are going up 10p a meal. That’s a 9% rise – a whopping three times the rate of inflation to rake in £100,000 a year.

So a family with three kids at primary will now have to find £702 a year for healthy school dinners that they had free under Labour!

It’s effectively a tax on families, a tax on healthy meals and a disinsentive in the fight against obesity.

So guess what some families will be tempted to give their kids?

I bet it won’t be the Sweet Chilli variety.


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