Minns Spins in Bins

Glad to see the officers and the GMB are trying to come to a sensible agreement over the dispute over rubbish collection in Hull on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

But it’s not been helped by our childish Lib Dem leader using the press to bully refuse workers into worse pay and conditions.

A £250 bonus payment for working a day over Christmas might seem a lot but their pay and conditions have been radically restructured over the years.

But it’s as nothing to the thousands of pounds of council tax given to a London PR company that helped to get Minns and his grossly exaggerated flood damage figures on the media 24/7 (‘There’s been £350m DAMAGE!..no £200M!..ok, er,..£51m’) which caused insurance premiums to double in some parts of the city.

Then his claim that binmen in Hull were amongst the best paid in the country on a starting salary of £22,374 was exposed as a lie when Labour’s Daren Hale proved it was actually £14,800.

And don’t take my word for it on bullying – even his former colleagues are revealing the truth.

In a six-page e-mail sent to all councillors at the Guildhall, Councillor Joyce Korczak Fields claimed she was “bullied, threatened and blackmailed” by the Lib Dems.

I remember on local election night chatting to a pal when Minns bounded over and excitedly said: “Shall we take a sweepstake on who’s going to be the first of my lot to defect?”

So there you go.

They steal free school meals from your kids

They kick public sector workers at Xmas

and they even have contempt for their own

People have woken up to you Carl.

And they’re getting organised.


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