There IS such a thing as a free lunch

Really must congratulate West Hull Labour Party for putting on the Thank You event for John and Tony at the KC.

Sally Waters from Alan Johnson’s office worked tirelessly in planning a fantastic do and raised thousands of pounds for next year’s council elections.

Tony’s speech was very moving and the anecdotes were hilarious. Especially the one about…..actually, I’d better not!

But what struck me was how well TB looks now. He’s lost quite a few pounds and it seems the premature aging seems has reversed – and this from a man who’s charged with the simple task of trying peace to the Middle East!

I don’t think people realise the stress politicians – local and national – have to deal with. They never switch off, they’re always on call and they can be sacked every four years irrespective of whether they’re doing a good job or not!

So as each year goes by, I become less judgemental of politicians from different parties.

I have friends from all shades of the polticial spectrum. We all want to make things better – our differences lie in the priorities and the approach.

But when it comes to our children , you’d think we’d all share common ground.

Which is why the Lib Dems decision to axe Free Healthy School Meals in Hull continues to anger and frustrate me.

How can anyone NOT see the social and educational benefits of making sure each primary school child has a full stomach for the day ahead? If we’re really serious about tackling the ticking timebomb of obesity, we need to instill healthy eating habits now.

The Lib Dems say that those who are entitled for Free School Meals will claim them. But a recent study found that 250,000 children eligible for FSM, don’t eat them. Stigma plays a big part in this.

The interim evaluation of Eat Well Do Well by Professor Derek Colquhoun confirmed children became more focused, performed better and the classrooms were calmer.

Where Hull led, others are following. Scotland is now piloting a similar in several areas scheme and Wales may consider implementing it.

But in our city, take up of School Meals has in less than two months dropped from 62%to 45%

All that good work thrown away because the health and achievement of our children is, according to this Lib Dem council, not a priority.


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