Minns Means Spin

Another classic Carl Minns performance on Look North last night, this time trying to defend axing universal healthy school meals for primary children.

Daren Hale revealed from official Hull City Council statistics that take up of healthy school meals had actually dropped to 34% in the last two weeks of last term.

Daren rightly pointed out that social stigma and the confusion of filling out the forms to claim free schools meals had led to the dramatic downturn.

Minns repsonse was to say that figures were not audited, they were not accurate and that “The Labour Party has a history of spinning figures – just look at the Iraq War!”

This from a man who went on national TV morning, noon and night with vastly inflated and inaccurate figures for flood damage – £360m, no…£200m, no…£60m – a reckless strategy that led to hard-working families seeing their home insurance premiums double.

But don’t worry, the £1m saved from axing the meals is being spent on “better ingredients.” Never mind no-ones eating them, at least they’ll be organic!

I don’t like being negative against politicians – it’s a hard job and anybody prepared to get involved in civic service should be encouraged. Hey, I even have a couple of Lib Dem friends. (Just a couple, mind)

But their wreckless actions are directly affecting the health of our kids and the budgets of working-class families. Minns has made a real dog’s dinner of school meals and people are starting to wake up to it.

See what you think. Click here to watch last night’s interview


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